NO CAFFEINE FOR 24 HOURS prior to testing. This includes: Coffee, pop/soda, chocolate, cold medications, etc. ANY product that might contain caffeine. In most cases, you will be asked to avoid caffeine for 24 hours before the test. This includes: Tea and coffee; All sodas, even ones that are labeled caffeine-. Do not eat or drink caffeinated products (chocolate, soda, tea, coffee or Excedrin) for 24 hours before exam. Note: Decaffeinated products contain caffeine and. Please read these instructions at least 48 hours prior to your exam! You are scheduled for either a Nuclear Stress Testor a CardiacPET Stress Testscan. Do not eat or drink anything that has caffeine, including coffee, tea, decaffeinated products, chocolate, cocoa, soda. · Do not take any over the counter.

No caffeine 12 hours prior to testing (this includes colas, chocolate, tea, or coffee and all products labelled decaffeinated or caffeine free). You will have. Do not consume any caffeine or decaffeinated beverages for 24 hours before your stress test. Items with caffeine include sodas, “caffeine-free” sodas, coffee. Caffeine does not affect exercise stress testing at all, it just prevents pharmacological stress testing as a backup. Upvote. Don't have any caffeine 24 hours before the stress part of your test, usually the second day. This includes coffee, regular and decaffeinated, tea, chocolate. Therefore, we suggest that patients should still refrain from caffeine prior adenosine stress CMR tests. Discuss with your doctor which food and drinks to avoid before the test. Caffeine should be avoided for 24 hours before a stress test. Though you don't have to study for a stress test, you should prepare your body as much as. No caffeine products for 24 hours prior to the test, because caffeine interferes with the action of Persantine. Caffeinated prodcts include coffee—with or. Discuss with your doctor which food and drinks to avoid before the test. Treadmill Stress Test · Some of your medications may be restricted before your test. · Do not eat foods or drink beverages that contain caffeine, even if they say.

12 hours prior to the test, do not take any COFFEE/CAFFEINATED PRODUCTS and any of the following medication unless otherwise advised by your doctor. It's important that you not consume any caffeine for a full hour period prior to your appointment. This includes coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, soda. Cardiac Stress Testing · No caffeine at least 12 hours prior to the exam. · Nothing to eat or drink (NPO) after midnight the night before and until the exam is. You will again be given water to drink, as well as coffee, soda and crackers. Caffeine is the antidote; any symptoms that you may feel will subside with. You will likely also need to avoid caffeine the day before and the day of the test, as caffeine can inappropriately elevate the heart rate for the duration of. No caffeine 12 hours prior to Lexiscan test day. (this includes chocolate, colas, coffee, or tea and all products labeled decaffeinated or caffeine free). You may also be asked to avoid any caffeinated drinks for a day or so before your test. Drinking caffeine affects your heart rate and may produce an inaccurate. NUCLEAR MEDICINE STRESS TEST. PREPARATION FOR YOUR STRESS TEST: 1. You are to have no caffeine products for 12 hours prior to your test. This includes coffee. In addition, do not take any medications containing dipyridamole for at least 48 hours before your stress test. Important Safety Information (Continued).

Avoiding caffeine (such as tea, coffee, cola and chocolate) for 24 hours before the test begins. What happens during a cardiac exercise stress test? During your. Yes. However, DO NOT eat or drink anything except water for four hours before the test. · Avoid all products that contain caffeine for 24 hours before the test. Educational video about caffeine restrictions in preparation for cardiac stress testing procedures. The video includes detailed information. No food for eight (8) hours prior to test. *You may have unlimited amounts of water the morning of the test. *You must AVOID any foods, drinks, or medications. caffeine for 18 hours before the test, including: Fasting (No food or liquids) is required for 4 hours before the procedure. before the final set of post-.

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